Planning A Traditional Asian Wedding

Finding a Venue

Few events are as spectacular as an Asian Wedding. From pre-wedding preparations through  to the ceremony itself,  the day's events provide the perfect excuse for two families to come together in colourful and joyous celebration. Many young couples find the pressure of planning a wedding quite daunting, however this needn't be the case. With careful provision, your wedding can be an unforgettable experience. One  you can look back on and treasure for the rest of your life.

Asian wedding planning

Asian wedding venues

The most important step on your way to planning the perfect wedding is finding a suitable venue. Whether your want a traditional ceremony and formal wedding reception or you have a more relaxed party in mind, our Asian Wedding directory can find the perfect venue for you. Our extensive venue list allows you to search by country or region to find a great range of suitable venues in the area of your choice. For more information visit https://list.asiandirectoryapp.com/c/Asian-Wedding-Venues.


If you’re looking for something a little different, you may want to consider having your wedding abroad. Many Asian couples are now now choosing to host their wedding party in exotic overseas destinations such as Mexico, Mauritius and the Caribbean. Fancy hosting your wedding on the beach? A beautiful coastline and outside setting can provide the perfect backdrop for your celebration.



Once you have found your venue for the big occasion, you will then need to find a photographer. Finding a good photographer  and someone who can capture the most important day of your life is incredibly important. Lots of photographers now specialise in Asian Weddings and a simple search for Asian Wedding Photographer will bring up a whole host of results. 


Don’t forget that the pre-wedding is just as important as the actual wedding day. Not only does it  give you the chance to dress up and look your best, it also allows you to get used to having a camera crew around. Want to find the perfect pre-wedding outfit? On-line fashion retailers such Asos and Berksha offer a great selection of reasonably priced clothing, including jeans skirts and shirts.


Asian Weddings are all about bold styles and colours so don’t be afraid to experiment with your attire. Right now camel is a particularly popular colour. Combine camel boots/heels with a stylish top and skirt for a great summer outfit.



MiniCamel Skirt